6 Pieces of Jewelry Every Miami Baby Must Own

It’s a well-known fact that Miami babies are born con tremendo estilo. Fresh off the runway (read: their mom’s womb), they’re rockin’ the latest azabache for spiritual protection or mini gold hoops to give their Martha of Miami onesie some flair. In fact, Miami mamis usually agonize over how early is TOO early to put five karats in their baby girl’s ear. So, if you’re planning to have a baby (in the near or far future) or just welcomed a little bundle of joy, here’s a list of jewelry that your baby must have to truly roll with Miami’s finest.


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This black charm in the shape of a fist is usually on some sort of bracelet or pin with the words Dios Me Bendiga. This is the No. 1 way to protect your infant from the “evil eye” or Miami’s general chusmeria. Even if you’re not a believer in spiritual protection, your baby will be a total nobody in the Mommy & Me set if they’re not rockin’ one or two or three.

Hoop Earrings

How else will your little diva grow up to be one of the chongas Miami is known and loved for? Gotta start ‘em young, amirite?

Nameplate Bracelet

You got them an azabache to protect from the bad intentions of all those Miami cualquieras, so it may seem counter intuitive to get your kid a nameplate bracelet. Pero, Miami is like that old timey television show “Cheers” –  a huge city where everyone seems to know your name (because it’s written on your wrist).  Nameplate bracelets are also clutch if you have multiple kids and can’t be bothered to remember their names. Parenting is hard enough.

Religious Necklaces

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Most Miami parents are faux Catholics until just after their kid’s First Communion (don’t @ me). So, it stands to reason that they would swag their baby out with the religion’s finest symbols – crosses and virgins and angels, oh my! Bonus points if this is attained at your baby’s baptism.

Evil Eye & Hamsa Bling

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Have you noticed that Miami parentals are REALLY into protecting their spawn? By any means necessary, in fact. So much so, that regardless of their religious and cultural background, you will definitely see evil eye and/or hamsa (Hand of Fatima for some) bling in every stroller south of the Broward County line. Because you want to cover all your bases when it comes to keeping the evil spirits away from your bebe.

Birthstone Jewelry

Whether it’s in the form of earrings or a necklace, your little one needs to passionately identify with a random birthstone from, well…birth. It will certainly influence their high school class ring choice and potential favorite color. Also, whenever someone brings up the stone for whatever reason they can proudly exclaim “THAT’S MY BIRTHSTONE” as if they’re the most special snowflake that West Kendall ever did see.

Baby Teeth Jewelry

This one is for the parentals. Cause once Miami kids start losing teeth, anyone who’s anyone will turn those pearly whites into a borderline creepy piece of jewelry. Teeth earrings, teeth bracelet, teeth necklace – the possibilities are only limited to the number of teeth in that kid’s head!

This article first appeared on Miami.com.

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