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How to Create the Most Miami Quinces Photo Shoot… EVER!

If you’re a Latina from Miami, odds are you had a quinces, wanted a quinces or despised the idea of a quinces. While I never got the magical party myself, my very Cuban mother was insistent on photographing me in all of my glory to commemorate the moment that I transitioned from una niña to una mujer.

Since this makes me an expert on the subject, here’s my advice on how to create the most Miami quinces photo shoot ever.

Must Have Trees

No Quinces photo shoot is complete without going to some random park in Coral Gables and posing awkwardly with the elements. We all can’t afford to go to Vizcaya, right?

Perfect the Over the Shoulder Longing Look

To showcase how mature you are, there’s the standard “over the shoulder longing look.” It’s one that Quinceañeras have been perfecting for years. Bonus if you find a photographer that will Photoshop you into random places like in front of a lighthouse or inside a vortex.

Show Off Your Dress

Your family paid good money to rent your dress from some random store in Hialeah, so you better do your very best in showing off the layers of tulle.

Make Sure You Have Props

To truly make your quinces photo shoot one to remember, YOU MUST HAVE PROPS. Fake flowers, a chair, un abanico, anything that will give your pictures that something extra.

Practice a Sultry Studio Gaze

Make sure to find a photographer that will also capture you inside their home studio. It’s not enough to just have photos with a white dress in a park, you deserve a chance to do a high fashion shoot. You can use them for your modeling portfolio because all 15 year olds are just waiting to be discovered.

Get an On Point Manicure

To truly elevate your photos, make sure to get an incredibly painful acrylic French tip manicure that will forever ruin your nails. Plus, you never know if your photographer will want to take a photo of JUST your hands to then superimpose your face onto them.

Choose Un Recuerdo for Family and Friends

Just like school photos, you’ll have to choose a quinces look that you’ll be able to share with family and friends in wallet size form. This photo should show off how mature you are, while still indicating how much you love the recipient. It’s quite the feat, but one that can always be achieved.

Practice Your “Side Lay”

Can’t afford fireworks or a car for your shoot? No biggie! As long as you have the classic “side lay” pose down, your photographer can work wonders in post.

Be Able to Laugh at Yourself

Because no matter how trendy you think your photos are now, they’ll be extremely embarrassing in a few short years. But hey, at least they’re always great for a #TBT.

This article first appeared in Miami.com.