I must start this post by saying that I feel like a bag of dicks for abandoning my blog for a month. But, between moving out of my apartment and preparing for my Euro trip, some things fell through the cracks. So, now that it’s been a full two weeks that I’ve been prancing around Europe, it’s a good a time as any for an update. Actually, it’s because my hostel in Nice has computers and I actually COULD write a post. In any case, below are my thoughts, comments and concerns on the cities I’ve visited thus far!


I mean, the people barely speak English, the city is filled with tourists and you’ll be blowin’ money fast because it’s so damn expensive, but Paris is freaking BEAUTIFUL. So much so, that it caused me to expel moisture from my eyes… twice. And the food is baller. Crepes, crème brûlé, souffle, macarons. I just wanted to eat all of the things. Fromage forever!

Fun highlights: cried while taking the elevator up to the top of the Eiffel Tower, cried while inside Notre Dame, my travel pals and I almost busted our respective asses in the Catacombs, joyously danced to “Paris” outside Versailles.


The people have been the friendliest that I’ve encountered. Which… should really come as no surprise. Red Light District has absolutely no chill, as there are semi-naked ladies in the windows at all hours. Good food was hard to find, which is why we ended up eating at the same delicious Chinese restaurant twice. But you can’t leave this place without trying a waffle. Pero like the thin ones with honey in the middle not the big fluffy ones that are usually stale. Ugh, I wish I could remember what the thin ones are actually called. Anyhow, the city is pretty small, so getting through it all in two days is more than doable. My favorite museums from the trip have been the Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank House, so I strongly recommend both to any potential visitors.


Traveling to this city wasn’t originally in my plans, but after my friend suggested going, I decided to book a flight and YOLO. And thank God I did. If you’re a fan of history, do yourself a favor and come here. From the Nazis to the commies, Berlin has had a rough go of it, but it’s a truly fascinating place. Also, I never thought German food would be my jam, but I quickly realized how very wrong I was. Spätzle, schnitzel, pretzels. NOM. Also, you can walk around with beer in hand just about anywhere you go and there are no fucks given. It should also be noted that both the hostel I stayed in and the people I met there were quite delightful.


Upon arriving, I absolutely hated my hostel. It was filled with youths, my room was located in a random building across the street and the staff was comprised of a bunch of twats. Luckily, one of my roomies was this wonderful British gal who made the experience so much better. In fact, we decided to catch a David LaChapelle exhibit at Palazzo delle Esposizioni, which was fab.  However, the “traditional” sites in this city are absolutely remarkable. The Vatican, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica, Colosseum, Roman Forum, Spanish Steps… you really can’t miss any of them. The two downsides we experienced: 1) the Trevi Fountain is under renovation, so it looks like someone took a dump on it. 2) the “skip the line” tickets for the Vatican are bullsh.

Much like Paris, there are tourists and lines everywhere you go. So, keeping my rage in check was a struggle. Oh, and I wrecked the youths during beer pong at the hostel bar. As the oldest bitch in the group, I was quite proud of myself.


This was my “chill city,” so I haven’t done much other than walk along the beach, drink a daiquiri and climb up Le Château. There’s no hustle and bustle, so I’ve just been doing me. Legit, that’s all I have to report.

Next up on #TheEuropeTurnUp are Madrid, Barcelona, Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, Mallorca, Florence and then home sweet home on July 9! Yes, the return is a lot sooner than I anticipated, but I’m hemorrhaging money out here! Also, return flights to Miami are ridic expensive, and I want to visit La Patria (aka Cuba) with Momma Duarte upon my return. So, while it’ll be goodbye to Europe, it’ll be hello to other amazing adventures.

Finally, because I’m an idiot/lazy, I’m not embedding images into this post. But feel free to creep on Instagram  – @GoLourdesDuarte.

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